Wednesday, August 13, 2008

just some fun

As I was catching up on some friend's blogs this morning, I found a few fun things for ya. Kari just posted her 100th post on her blog and is having a giveaway! So go comment so you can possibly win some goodies.

Tiff posted about another site called "Daring Young Mom" that had me laughing out loud! I so needed that one this morning, especially about her training for a triathlon. I could so relate...except I didn't have to swim in a lake. And I wish I was as daring as she was to post a picture like that!

From that site, I found this one that had me laughing even harder! If you are a "Twi-hard" and love the Twilight series, you HAVE to go read the spoofs on the newest book, Breaking Dawn. This guy is so dang funny!!!

See...I told you I was good at constructive avoidance, didn't I? Now I guess I had better go clean my house. Or at least one corner of it before I find something else to do.


Kari said...

Thanks for taking a peek at my new look and for celebrating with me!! I owe you big time since you were the one that got me onto the blogging path to begin with ;) Perhaps you should win my giveaway by default?! Can't wait to check out those other sites .... sounds like some good reads (like I don't have enough to read - New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn ....)!!!

Rachele Funk said...

Too funny. . . I'm really good at constructive avoidance too. . . We're all just a bunch of peas in a bod. . . er I mean pod!

Tiffany said...

I loved the triathlon post!! I have found myself rereading it when I need a good laugh!! And your comment about the picture cracks me up! Another funny one on my blog is the Wrecked Cakes one... (that one's just a 'ha' funny one, not 'hahaha' funny like the other, but it is funny, nonetheless!