Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A funny and a photo

This was in Abram's schoolwork from yesterday. Just thought it was funny and had to share. And learning about interrogative and declarative sentences the second week of first grade?!!? Wow. Crazy.

Here a few more pics from my photography class that is now over. I learned tons and highly recommend taking it if you have the chance.

This assignment was taking photos using indoor lighting. Of course I chose one of the hardest places to do this...the Arizona Science Center which has very few windows and all the lighting is directed towards the exhibits. So, in order to get some light, I had Jayne stand up on the railing. (shhh) My favorite part of this photo is the light reflecting off her eyelash. ;)

Oops...gotta go. I'll post other pics later!


gina_farley said...

Tori, you are becoming such a pro! I'm so impressed! Can't wait to see what else you've done.


brittany said...

That IS funny:)

and your photography has been impressive. I just checked out the link and am thinking about taking the class. I like that it's an online class that you can take from home, but with personal stuff, too. I'm the "official photographer" for my SIL's wedding in October and it's in the evening with limited light, and I'm starting to get nervous!

Beckaroo said...

I can't wait for the class!!
Thanks for getting me even more excited!

Katie said...

Abram has such neat handwriting for a first grader. I love all your photos. I want to take that class- oh wait, I guess I need a good camera first.