Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Humble Moments

I was getting a few groceries today at Costco when I noticed the couple in front of me unloading their carts. They were probably in their mid to late 60’s and emptying two carts full of diapers, baby wipes, razors, soap, shampoo, toys, pajamas for babies, socks for kids, and feminine hygiene products. The man turned to me and said, “I usually don’t buy this much stuff. I don’t usually buy diapers either.” I asked him if he was taking them downtown to which he replied yes. About 1,000 people were flown in from New Orleans over the weekend and set up in a temporary shelter in downtown Phoenix. This husband and wife had just spent $700 of their own money to help people that they had never met. I just wanted to cry right there and let them know how much I admired them. I also knew that there was so much more I could do to help, that I wasn’t doing enough.

We were without power last Saturday for four and a half hours due to a mylar balloon hitting a major wire and messing things up. As we sat in our home with the temperature rising and my kids wondering why anyone would turn off our lights, I was thinking about those that haven’t had power in a week and wouldn’t have power for months. How blessed we are that we got our power back on and were able to sleep comfortable in our own beds that night.

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Brandy T said...


My heart just broke or maybe it was lifted because when I see or hear or do things like that it makes me want to cry knowing that someone out there still cares enough to not just focus on their family or themselves, but, others that need something more than them. What a great thing that to see something like that--gave me goosebumps!!