Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Craziness continues

School has now started and the craziness continues, although it is now a different craziness. The craziness of carpooling, homework, joy school, cub scouts, and just everyday life. Luckily the boys aren't involved in sports right now or the craziness would be worse. Ethan has been having a great time in kindergarten. He has adjusted well to being at school all day and is making new friends everyday. He has already memorized two poems and you should see how much better he is writing his name! Gabe was so happy to see his friends again but is not too excited about how much more homework you have in second grade. Abram is loving joy school, mostly cuz he has a backpack. I will enjoy it more next week as I have helped last week and am teaching this week. Then it is my turn to drop him off and Jayne and I will go play. Loren has been swamped at work but is loving it. I have been running crazy and am exhausted as usual. I have joy school to teach this week and started up scouts again. I am the wolf leader and my scouts are lots of fun. I asked Loren to get me a housekeeper to come every other week as a birthday present. That would be the best present in the whole world! We went a few weeks ago up to the mountains to play with grandparents. They loved going fishing and riding the 4-wheeler. Here are some pictures of that trip as well as some from the first day of school. Doesn't Abram look great in those goggles?

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