Sunday, July 31, 2005

weekend stuff

Wow, another weekend come and gone. How is it that when you are a kid time just drags on forever and when you are an adult, time just zips past ya? Can't believe it is August! Yeah, just that much closer to the heat of Phoenix being gone. Yep, that's what I do all summer, count the time until it is cool again.

My boys are so excited because they all got new shoes for school and new backpacks for school, even Abram who is 3. He is going to do Joy School this year and we are both excited for that. Ethan, my sweet 5-year-old Ethan, is going to Kindergarten. I am trying really hard to show him how excited I am for him and not let him know how much I am going to miss him not being with me. I don't want him to feel bad while at school and think I am sad while he is gone. He will be going to an all day kindergarten so that is a long time away from me. At least he has a good big brother to show him the ropes, whose classroom is right across from his, and will be sharing a few recesses with him. I am grateful for that! Anyway, school doesn't start until the 15th so we have a few more weeks to play. What do we do when it is so hot outside? Swim, go to movies, go to the science center, swim, hang out at home in the A/C, and go swim some more.

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