Sunday, July 31, 2005

new shoes

I was thinking about the new shoes my boys just got for school...what is it about new shoes that can change a person's outlook on life so much? My boys think they are faster, stronger, and just all around amazing when they put on a new pair of shoes. My baby girl Jayne is starting to notice shoes. She used to kick them off as soon as I put them on her and we have lost her shoes everywhere from the grocery store to Disneyland. Gabe still thinks that those nice people in the lost and found at Disneyland are going to find Jayne's shoe and send it to her (it has been four months since we were there). But, now Jayne is starting to like wearing them! She knows where her shoes are and pulls them out and tries to put them on. When that doesn't work she heads for mom's shoes...the flip flops. A girl after my own heart. When I get a new pair of I feel great! Now, considering all of my shoes are flip-flops and are the $2.50 ones from Old Navy in every color they make, I have a lot of shoes that make me feel good. My husband thinks I have entirely too many but I think, would he rather have me have 20 pairs of flip-flops for $40 or one pair of shoes for, well, twice that much? Seems logical to me to have the 20 pairs! Oh, and because I own only flip-flops and because of the dryness of the desert heat, I need routine pedicures! There is just something about pedicures to soothe one's soul. (another thing my husband doesn't understand). One of the few things I do to pamper myself (and yet I feel guilty doing it which is one thing I don't understand). Oh, just in case you were wondering, I do have some nice shoes for church that are not $2.50 from Old Navy. However, they are still open toed and require a nice pedicure to do them justice!

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