Friday, July 29, 2005

something new

Here I go with something else to try...something else on my list of things to explore, learn about, and possibly not do very well with. Britt, you are the instigator. I was reading all about blogs just recently and wondering whether I should start one...and there you were! What a wonderful way to not only document the crazy and wonderful days of having young children, but what a wonderful way to share it with others. I loved reading yours. It made me laugh out loud as I pictured you flying through the air into the pool and the looks on your children's faces. I hope to learn more about your family so far away with the children I have never met, and I hope you can do the same with mine.'s to sharing the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly!


brittany said...

Horray!!! I have been reading Caleb's and my good friend, Carrie's blogs for a while and found that I felt closer to them from across all these states. I also have been learning more about them. I'm excited to put you on my "favorites" and get closer to you all over again! Welcome to the world of blogs.

adrienne said...

What a COOL idea! I might have to steal it and maybe this will count as my journal??? It will be fun to get to know more relatives that I have never met!