Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Tired of seeing the "Public Sanity Announcement"? I am. (BTW...feeling much better. Thanks for the nice comments you left on my last post. I'm still having a few brain zaps a day, but not nearly as bad as it was. I will SURVIVE! ;) Especially with family and friends like you!)

I thought I would share some firsts with you that happened in the first month of this year. I may spread these out over the next few days. Here is the first of the FIRSTS-

FIRST time Jayne rides her bike without training wheels.

Do you think she likes it? :)

First rear end collision. She hadn't learned how to use her brakes yet. Obviously.
She no longer wears her helmet and pads as she "knows how to ride" without them now. She also rides side-saddle and can pop a wheely. Doesn't take long...


Anonymous said...

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Bedie said...

Jane is so cute!! I love the second photo of her.

laurak said...

Way to go Jane!