Friday, March 06, 2009

First time...

at the Arizona Science Center with the Finch birdy cousins,
plus another first at the end of this post!

the cutest tiniest lil bird...Eden

Some boys in the planetarium - Noah, Gabe, McKay, and Ethan.
I think McKay was excited about Jupiter being demoted or something.

Jayne, Kayte, and the yahoos. Abram was taking care of Eden on the other end of the row.

Peace Out! It's Adrienne!
This was the funnest exhibit in the center's "Digital World." I laughed really hard while taking pictures. You had to have been there. The kids (including Adrienne) would act like they were being attacked, or walking down stairs, or washing their hair, or all kinds of crazy stuff.
We need this exhibit in our house!

Jayne watching Abram get covered.

Gabe getting a drink.

Jayne planting a garden.

Kayte and Abram designing floor plans.

This was also the first time that the dads, Loren and Ted, got to go to the Science Center. They had as much fun as the kids. I wish I had gotten them in some pictures. Next time.

We have had a family pass for several years, and it is so much fun to have, especially in the summer when it is so hot. I have bought the passes directly through the center but have since found a better deal! If you want to know what the deal is, let me know and I'll let you in on
the secret.


One more first for today but without pictures because they would be terrifying to take and terrifying to look at. OK, it wouldn't be that bad. Maybe. Ted, Adrienne, and their four kids have moved into the Santan with us for awhile! Yep, some Finch birds have joined this nest
and it is one big PARTAY!!
Here are some of the changes:

Playroom/office = Ted, Adri, and Eden's room
Ethan and Abram's bathroom = Finch bathroom
Ethan and Abram's bedroom = Ethan, Abram, McKay, and Noah's bedroom
Jayne's bedroom = Jayne and Kayte's bedroom
Jayne and Gabe's bathroom = Johnson kids bathroom
Tori and Loren's bedroom = bedroom and Tori's office
front room = Wii and movie room
Fido's backyard = Fido and Cricket's backyard (hilarious to watch)
12 neighborhood kids in cul-de-sac = 16 neighborhood kids in cul-de-sac
two freezers in garage = one refrigerator, three freezers, a washer, and two dryers in the garage
Tori and Adri cooking every night at their own homes = Tori and Adri alternating nights cooking (this has been the best!)
Loren and Ted watching Fox News quietly by themselves in their own homes = Loren and Ted now watching Fox News together along with great conversation/debate! (they love this the best)
Kids going to bed on time = NO KIDS going to bed on time.
(they are all exhausted)
Lots of chores for one family = Major chore chart for two families
(this is still in the works)
Gabe's bedroom = Gabe's bedroom

Yep, Gabe is the only one who hasn't had any changes or additions to his room. We figured that this would be the best way to keep the peace and save cousin/brother relationships. Plus, he has the smallest bedroom, and the other boys have a HUGE bedroom. So far it is working. No major fights and only one broken leg. That happened to McKay while on the neighbor's trampoline and involved some WWF moves that went bad.

Stay tuned for more firsts...if we survive. ;)


Kari said...

This is the BEST post I have read since I got to Texas!

Beckie said...

I have to agree with Kari. That WAS the best post. I laughed threw most of it. NOT the broken leg. :(
You're too funny!
BTW - You've got to tell me the Science Center secret! I have to renew in a few months. ;)

Alli Easley said...

oh. my. brave.

Bedie said...

Tori, you are the best. Love the post. It made my day!! Good luck with everything:)

Tiffany said...

Love the post and love the pictures! Sounds like there won't be much sleepwalking at the Santan, b/c there probably won't be Sleeping much!!

laurak said...

CRAZY, but fun!

Cameron Family said...

WOW... you all are very brave! That just sounds like one never ending party (at least for the kids)!