Tuesday, December 02, 2008

PAD 2008

Remember the Daily December posts that I tried to do last year? Well, this year my BFF Jessica Sprague is having a Photo-A-Day challenge for the month of December. If we take a picture a day and then post them in the gallery at the Spraground, Jessica will pick one photo every Sunday of this month and award a free class to the winner! And because I am a true follower of Jess and will take any class she offers, I might as well try to win a free one, right? ;) Because I am a day late starting, I have posted two for each day.

Jayne's favorite breakfast:
Peppermint ice cream with chocolate syrup.

At least she eats all of it!

Ethan's teacher flew to Korea to spend Thanksgiving with her husband. She brought back "real" chopsticks for all of the kids in her class, so Ethan asked for Chinese food for dinner so he could use them. He would have used them if I had made hamburgers, but I made sweet and sour chicken with rice so he could have the "real" chopstick experience. I think I may have him eat with these all of the time. It is much harder to stuff your mouth full with tiny little bites!

So they aren't necessarily "holidayish" photos, but they are what is going on in my house right now (although peppermint ice cream is definetly "holidayish"). And maybe participating in this challenge will cause me to be a more frequent blogger. We shall see! ;)

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Kari said...

No need for them to be holidayish ... just daily, right?! I, too, will go down any path Jess takes us - fun journeys to be had!!! Thanks for reminding me I need to upload to her gallery!