Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been trying...

...really hard to stay focused and prioritize my time. As a result, I haven't been able to post here for awhile.

First of all, I have been trying to stay caught up with my job, or at least not as far behind as I was WITHOUT neglecting my family and without getting fired (from both my job and my family).

Once I get that down pat, I am going to work on my housework (A HUMUNGOUS THANKS to my husband who unloads and loads the dishwasher every day when he comes home for lunch AND who picks up every evening. I. LOVE. THAT. GUY.)

In the middle of this, I still have to do my church calling and secretarial work for the PTO. (yeah, I can't say NO to ANYTHING).

Oh yeah, and sleep. Sometime.

But, I did want to jot down a few things that I want to post in the future. Here goes:

Halloween with HP, the short scary guys with black hoods on Star Wars, Batman, and a scary hot pink cat.

Our house "going green."

My eight week SOLE class taken with LDS Social Services.

"Someone Like Me" enrichment night.

Jayne's favorite breakfast and her obsession with DancingWTS.

Abram's letter to Obama and notes to/about his brother.

Gabe's many "opportunity club" events, detentions, and referral to in school suspension. (I know...yikes!)

Ethan's incessant thinking that everything in this life will come easy to him. Well, spelling isn't easy for him, and he now has a 41% in that subject. Just typing it makes me grind my teeth.

My last post that I accidentally deleted. For those of you who commented on the temple photos in order to win one, leave me another comment on this post (I promise not to delete it), and I will send everyone a photo. Now thats a giveaway! No random generator here. ;)

My "crackberry" and addiction to e-books.

My new addiction to facebook as a result of the crackberry.

My new addiction to "Bubble Popper," another result of the crackberry.

"Twilight" that I am going to see TONIGHT at midnight!!!

The "Stories In Hand" class that I haven't done one thing for because I'm trying to prioritize. This one makes me cry cuz I'm missing it.

And anything else that I think of or you remind me about. Oh, and some pictures to go along with all of the above.

Now I have to go as I have work to finish before 5, dinner to finish for the RS birthday dinner that is at my house tonight, and cleaning up the downstairs.

What I REALLY want to do is make these:


Denise said...

I understand about sleep being optional! I am a working mom too!

I really want to make turkey cake pops too! Please share where to find the directions!

Alli Easley said...

Oh I feel ya on the not posting. I don't post anymore either. For pretty much the same reasons you have on your blog. Work, family, church, awesome husbands who help out (LUCKY US FOR REAL THOUGH, HIGH FIVE!!!) and just walking in the door 2 minutes ago from seeing Twilight with my awesome girls, going to see NKOTB with girlfriends and sisters and Tiffany, and I could go on and on, but I'll just have to copy you and do a similar blog...

Oh and I voted on #7. It was spectacular.

That is all.

Rachele Funk said...

Life sounds exciting at your house! You know how many times I've tried to find my way into the Sole class??!!?? You'll have to share with me. Please keep up your awesome spirit. You are so worth it. I missed the temple picture but I would love to see it!Mikensee has a hard time with spelling too. I can sooooo relate! She thinks everything should be easy too. Must be one of the trials they handed out upstairs, Kwim?

Have a fab day girlfriend and PLEASE don't share about Bubble Popper, I don't need any other distractions. BTW have you seen Paper Craft Planet? Oh no! I shouldn't have said that! LOL!!!

Kari said...

I'm pretty sure you're just full of excuses ... like me ... who hasn't posted in 3 weeks :( Put down the Crackberry and walk away - until I can get one and we can share another addiction ;) Oh ... Addiction sound GOOD!!! Haven't had it in ages ... perhaps this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Tori, life is too short to try to squeeze everything in it. Just keep on laughing at the things your kids do and give up the Crackberry.

I can't remember for certain which one of the temple pictures I liked the most. I'm thinking #7, but #5 is sticking in my mind as well. I think whichever one you choose, everyone will be happy.


Laurie said...

Those turkeys are so cute! Sorry things are so crazy for you right now. I haven't done much on SIH. It has made me sad too. Love you, friend!

laurak said...

Well, you've got me really interested. I hope you get enough time to fill us in.