Friday, April 04, 2008

iPod triathlete playlist

OK, people. I need some good tunes for this triathlon. Two more's crunch time. I need some good "triathlete" music. So, let me know your favorite tunes for working out, cleaning house, or anything that will keep me going! I need all the help I can get. Thanks!


Carol said...

Tori I always exercise to music so I have a special exercise playlist on my ipod. I need fast music to stay in time with it. Pink has a few songs which are fast and motivating.

Emily said... is Brooke's friend Emily. I totally remember when you got engaged and got married (in the good ol Utah days!)! How are you? have you heard Rihanna "Don't stop the Music"? I also like working out to Justin Timberlakes "SexyBack"-clean version of course. Good luck in the triathlon!

Kari said...

A little Hannah Montana "Who Said" keeps me pushing when it's getting hard :)

Jen J said...

OK, so I cling to the past...the music that I use to keep me going (particularly during the walk/run) comes from Rocky IV! Heart's on Fire and No Easy Way Out and even the song from St. Elmo's Fire (I think it is Sammy Hagar!)...I just picture Sly running up the steps of the city building and also pulling a sled through the snow!:)

Eliza said...

my friend calls this her "guaranteed 5 mile playlist"...

1) Move Along - All American Rejects
2) Because I'm Awesome - The Dollyrots
3) Stronger (edited) - Kanye West
4) Live to Win - Paul Stanley
5) The Way You Move - Outkast
6) Song 2 - Plain White T's
7) The Distance - Cake
8) Survivor - Destiny's Child
9) Hey Ya! - Outkast
10) Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
11) Faster - Plain White T's
12) Motivation - Sheryl Crow

I also like Here it Goes Again by Ok Go, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, Lovestoned by JT, Can't Get you out of my Head by Kylie Minogue, The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, Mr. Brightside by the Killers, Paralyzer by Finger 11 ...of course all clean version.