Friday, February 22, 2008

Wanna See?

You want to see what I have been up to? Why I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile? Or keep up with my Spraground friends? Or anyone else? Here you go:

I made these valentines for Jayne for her preschool. Attached to the back was a package of heart shaped fruit snacks.

I made these cute little mini gift bags for Relief Society...50 of them. Took a lot longer than I thought it would. My friend Michelle made 50 also. Yep, crazy idea but they turned out cute.

Then I put one of these invitations in them and gave them out last Sunday. Click to enlarge.

I have to teach the lesson in R.S. on March 2nd and am going to present our goals for the year. Our main goal is to "Open the Door," meaning open the door to Christ and our Heavenly Father. Based on this picture. We are going to focus on the small and simple things we can do in order to better establish these relationships and to help us "open the door." Here is a 4x4 in. card I made to give to the sisters. I need 150 of these babies to hand out.

THEN...Gabe's first ever science fair project was due this morning. I was so glad to see that board go out the door this morning. He did his project of the power of fruit. Did you know you can make batteries using fruit? I had no idea, but apparently the rest of the scientific community did, as we found a lot about it on the internet.

Gabe was very excited about this project. He did most of the experiment (with my help), typed all his information, and did his table and graph by hand. I helped him by taking the pictures and using my digi skills to "liven" up his project. He was very happy with it. Let's just hope his teacher is too.

Some close ups of the pictures on the board.

I finished my taxes this morning and e-filed them. Tonight I have to go and set up a display of enrichment night crafts for the open house of our new stake center, which is tomorrow. Baseball tryouts are tomorrow, and the pinewood derby is in a week and a half. Work has been busy, and my house is a DISASTER zone. As the fly lady would say, it is totally CHAOS!

So, there it is. My life's major projects in the last two weeks. Oh yeah. I was in charge of and carried out Gabe's Valentine's Day class party as well as doing a game and a craft for Ethan's class. In the middle of all this, I had strep throat and was in bed for three whole days. Luckily it was a weekend, and Loren was home with the kids.

To relax I have been watching American Idol and have become addicted to Code Blue, Mystery Diagnosis, and Diagnosis X. I have to wait until everyone goes to bed before I can watch them as they gross them out (the medical shows, that is). I love 'em.


Laurie said...

Ok, super mom! You make me feel like such a slacker! I love your little mini bags. How cute you are!! Hope you get to rest sometime soon! Love ya!

Kari said...

Good thing you've been catching up on your rest ;) Now if you would have gotten some scrapping done I would have been REALLY impressed! As it stands I'm mildly impressed that you are still standing :) Now go get yourself a bike so we can get training!! Oh - did I just spoil your next post?! SORRY ;)

Carol said...

Great to see you back Tori, you have been very busy. Love your little valentine gifts.
Carol :-)

Rachele Funk said...

Yeppers. . . you're A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

brittany said...

WOW! What a great crazy job you're doing!

I think your handouts are beautiful. I love the door card. That theme is very inspiring for me. lovely.

now just take a tiny break and don't make yourself sick again! You don't have to do it all:)


Lois Michael said...

You are over the top. I can't believe you can get all that done is 24 hours. I absolutely love your stuff. Thanks for sharing so much of your crazy but rewarding world.

Krista said...

WOW, your are very creative, talented, and motivated! You have been non-stop. Mom's like you deserve an award!

Jen Johnson said...


You are out of control! How do you not crash and burn??? Just make sure that I see you at the LRC Pool today!

Alli Easley said...

Wow. You're still super mom! Now get some rest, jeez!

Jackie said... the picture of the door...very cool