Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt...and a funny.

Sad, sad day. I was really taken back when I heard of Mitt's decision to pull out of the race. And just when I put up the "Romney for President" on my blog! I will think I will leave it there for awhile to remind us what we could have had. And because I am in mourning...although nothing like my hubby or my brother who were COMPLETELY devoted to the man. They would frequently have their own little "Mitt fests" to discuss how they could get him to the White House. My bro had some funny dreams about Mitt. For example, he had a dream about a "cool commercial Mitt should do for the Super Bowl," and then just this morning he woke up and told his wife that he dreamt what Mitt should do to win this thing. Poor guy.

I was shocked when Loren came home from work today and had no desire to check on his daily web sites that he reads to see what Mitt had been up to that day or even to watch Fox News to see what was being said about the whole thing. "I'm done with all that for now," he says to me. HOLY COW! That is big!

I did buy him an autographed Mitt Romney t-shirt (in which the money went to the campaign) for Valentine's day. I figured he would enjoy it since he has spent more time with Mitt these last few months than with me, and may even love him more than me (kidding, of course...I think). It hasn't come yet...I hope they still send it.
Oh, and I am not voting in November. Nope.

On a much lighter note, a conversation with Jayne in the car today:

J- Mom, can tomorrow be my birthday?

Me-Your birthday is in March.

J-NO!!! I want a Hantana birthday (Hannah Montana), not a March birthday!!!!

Me-You can have a Hannah Montana March when it is your birthday.

J- NO!!!! Hantana! Not March.

M-OK! You can have a Hanna Montana birthday.


Wasn't that what I had been saying all along?

Here is a picture of her and Abram when I took them to see the HM/Miley Cyrus 3D movie. I had promised them I would take them since they didn't get to go to the concert. She cracked me up with this little pose of hers. Love the look on Abram's face looking at his little sister. Oh, how I love a 3-year-old. And ignore her flipping you off. She didn't mean it. I shouldn't have said anything cuz you probably wouldn't have noticed. And don't you love the 3D glasses? Much better than the red and blue paper ones they used to give out.

I need to do a LO of this fun little outing with these two little people. We had a great time. I'll post it soon (which usually means within a week).


Kari said...

Tell Loren I am sorry for his loss ... it is a loss for all of us :( And tell Jayne I'm offended by her use of the middle finger and will have a hard decision to make on whether I allow my children to come to a Hantana party for a little girl who behaves as such ;)

Eliza said...

I sad. BUT don't not vote and let your state in the end be blue.

Have Loren check this out (well if he loves him so he probably has already seen it)

Laurie said...

Poor Loren!! Send him my condolences. On the bright side, maybe he will pay more attention to his wife now. ;) And about that middle finger, you better work on that little Jayne. That is not acceptable MM behavior so Liv might have to alert the superiors. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I was so devastated when I heard the news about Mitt. Took my feet right out from under me. I'm still depressed over it. (I loved Mitt's farewell speech... He is definitely a leader!)

I loved the adorable picture of Abrahm and Jayne. They are both as cute as their mom! You should be proud. Tell Jayne that there are some advantages to wearing glasses over contacts... I get to use my middle finger to push my glasses up on my nose all the time. People notice, but they don't say a word. (Just teasing!)

Tell my brother that we must have hope (and that he needs to pay more attention to you)! Chancellor, feeling my pain, said Mitt could run again next year. I told him he needs to pay more attention in school. Debbie

Jackie said...

You are so funny the pic of your kids with Hannah and the little conversation you had with her about her birthday :) Very cute

Kari said...

STILL?! I thought for sure after our conversation today that I would find something new!!!