Friday, January 11, 2008

Okay, okay!

Soon means within a week...and tomorrow it has been a week. Right?

So, this has been my week:

1. Lots of work.
2. Two trips to the airport to take and pick up family.
3. Car in the shop all day for an oil change and other unexpected repairs.
4. Lots of work.
5. Computer crashed (on backup laptop for this post).
6. Nephew and his wife and baby flew to NYC to be on "The Tyra Banks Show." More on this story later. (that will get you back, huh?)
7. My mom here to wait for the NYC kids to get home.
8. Lots of work.
9. Late nights=daytime naps=late to appointments.

So there you have it. I was going to have a wonderful post full of pictures and fun stories, but those pictures (which go with the stories) are on my desktop which is sick right now. My next post may be the result of a tag from my dear friend Liv...soon. ;)


Laurie said...

Poor Tori!!!! I hate it when the computer is sick. Our PC has been sick since this summer. It is the second time that it has crashed. We still haven't taken it in to be fixed. Good thing I have the laptop. It has all of my scrappin stuff on it, so that is probably why I haven't been in a hurry to fix it.

Don't you hate car repairs. Yucky! Hope your car is feeling better soon! ;)

Hope we get to chat again soon! I am going through withdrawals! Love you!

Dawns said...

Tori...hope you get to rest one of these days! I'm tagging you too, so check out my blog! That Liv is just too darn fast (LOL).

Liv said...

kari should thank me... i got you to post one more before the week was over! :P

i miss you and our chats, my friend. so sorry to hear about your compy's misbehavin'... thank heavens for laptops, right? laurie's story about her own compy crashing has me thinking... maybe we should get macs? ya think?

love ya, girl! can't wait to read about your 7 random thingies!

Kari said...

Excuses, excuses .... get with it!!! I've posted 4 times this week which is a miracle in and of itself. How can we live so close and never see each other?! Time to set up a scrappin' date while you still have the laptop :)