Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Kid's first trip to the snow!

Sad, I know, but this was my kid's first ever time playing in the snow. On the drive up the mountain, Abram kept asking me what the snow felt like. "I think it will be smooooth," he said! LOL!

On Christmas Eve we took them to a sledding hill in the White Mountains that I used to sled down when I was a little girl. It is exactly the same as I remember it. It was about 4:00 in the afternoon and we were on the east side of the mountain, so the pictures were all taken in the shade of the mountain. I could make them look better, but I will save that for another day. I had to get this posted ASAP, cuz I said soon... ;).

OH, and I went down the mountain too. Jayne and I went together, and we crashed half-way down. I thought she would be crying but she was laughing her little head off! Abram had forgotten his gloves at home so I gave him mine. I decided my hands were too cold for more sledding, so I stayed at the bottom to take pictures. :)


Laurie said...

How sweet! I love the pictures! I especially love the one of poor, cold Jayne! My niece and nephew that live in AZ had never seen snow either until they came to visit one year for Christmas.

Jackie said...

Oh those photos are great...looks like all had a great time :)

Kari said...

*LOVE* your pics!! The slide show is adorable :) Look at you ... 2 posts! I'm very proud of you!! I still need to do my tag and play catch up so I can post about everything we did this past week!!!