Tuesday, October 16, 2007

short post from a shortie

Abram: "I know how to spell root beer...M*U*G!"

(and yes, he does have shorts on under that soccer shirt)


Anonymous said...

SOOOO Funny!!! I can see the day when Noah will spell what mom has for breakfast D.R.P.E.P.P.E.R. Niiice-


Liv said...

Hey honey! Just popping over to say hello!!! :P

Kari said...

Love that story!! He is too smart for his own good :) P.S. Liv has posted on both of our blogs!!! Aren't we the luckiest girls EVER?!

Rachele Funk said...

Too Cute!

alli fantastico said...

So dang cute! Harper knows what G-O spells, only because I say it every time I leave him to go to the store or whatever. I should start spelling everything!

PS, nice to see you posting, even if it was short, miss shorty shortpants.