Monday, October 08, 2007

Oprah recently...

aired a program which featured "experts" who advocated casual sex with friends, pornography, and having affairs as ways to improve relationships and marriage. What? From grateful journals to this? What is she thinking? Is she trying to become Jerry Springer now?

Here is a link to sign a petition to send to the Oprah Show stating that we are disappointed in the content of this particular episode, etc.

A friend sent this to me and also included a link to "The Family, A Proclamation To The World," to remind us who we are and what we stand case you need encouragment. ;)

So go sign the petition and start your Monday off right! Have a good week!


Eliza said...

I saw this email a while ago and I tried to find the info on her site but it was before they aired it. I guess some girl went to the taping and sent out the email.

I totally forgot so I kinda did a copy and paste from your blog and emailed it to everyone I know. Thanks.... and to think I use to want to be like her (well when people asked me back in the 90's cause I thought that would be a great way to meet all my crushes was to interview them)

Alli Fantastico said...

I got the email too. Ugh. I really do think she's having a mid life crisis, because she's so weird lately. I don't even want to watch her anymore most of the time.

Beckie said...

Oprah mutates into Jerry Springer!
I totally agree that Oprah has gone down hill. I wonder if she is retiring soon and her heart isn't in it anymore.
I use to record all her shows to watch later, now I record maybe 1 a week.
I've been thinking for a while about sending her an email. Seems like now is as good a time as any!

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition! Yeah! She needed to get off the air a LOOOng time ago when she started bringing her political agenda to the table. I only like when Dr.Oz and the "favorite" show comes on otherwise I don't watch. Thanks Tori!


Kari said...

WHAT THE ...? I better sign that petition! No wonder I quit watching Oprah - okay, so I never really followed her, but now maybe I'll boycot! Unless she is doing a style or house makeover show or her favorite things ;)

Alli Fantastico said...

Oprah schmoprah, where's Tori?!?!?