Monday, July 23, 2007

HP #7

So who spent hours reading "Deathly Hallows" this weekend? My husband did. However, before he picked it up he cleaned the whole kitchen including sweeping the floor...'cuz he knew he would be worthless once he picked it up until he finished it.

Darn it! Why does this have to be the last one? I need to find more books for him to read so I can get some more things done around here. ;)



Alli Fantastico said...

Haha, awesome. Ps, is Loren's hair long again? I swear it's like it was when you guys took your engagement pics.

brittany said...

ha! that's an awesome picture.

I know just how he feels, once you start a good book, it's just hard to stop!

Eliza said...

I finally finished it after lots of late evenings (since that is the only time I could read with my 4 crazies).

Heritage Cupboard said...

That is what I must look like when I am reading, except I usually don't have a clean house because the kidz have taken over!