Monday, October 30, 2006


Today, while the kids scream,
Plaster on a smile!
Today, with the laundry
Stacking up in a pile.
Today, with the deadlines
Breathing down your neck,
Bills to be paid and
Body gone to heck!
Today, today, do the best you can.
Today, today, it's part of the plan.
Today, today, don't forget to pray
That heaven will show you The joys of today!

Set to "Today, While the Sun Shines" and written by Emily Watts. She presented this to us in her presentation at Time Out for Women this last weekend. Boy, did I need a Time Out, and it was awesome!


adrienne said...

Did you know they have Time Out cruises?!?!? What do you say???

Alli said...

I went to our Time Out last weekend!!! Cruise? Are you kidding? We're so going.