Tuesday, August 15, 2006


While at the YMCA last night watching Gabe and Ethan diving, clouds started moving in and everyone was asked to get out of the pool as lightning was spotted nearby and coming closer. I explained to Abram why we had to leave the pool area because lightning was coming and it wasn’t safe to be near the water. The dive team moved to a multipurpose room to practice approach techniques, and Abram and I followed. While watching the rain out the window and watching the pool area intently, Abram asked me, “When is he coming? When is Lightning McQueen coming?”

Loren and I laughed ourselves to sleep…

lightning mcqueen

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Kari said...

Just found out yesterday that Cars is coming to DVD on November 7th ... don't know if I can keep that on in the closet until Christmas!!! In fact, I know I can't - we'll need it for our 10+ hour drive to Utah for Thanksgiving!!! You probably already knew the date, but thought I'd fill you in if there was actually one thing I knew before you :)