Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's on tonight...

…the “So You Think You Can Dance” finale, and I voted for Benji and Heidi many times. I walked around my house last week after the show aired just hitting redial.

I don’t know much about dancing, I was too shy when I was little and didn’t like to perform in front of others. I took one class and was terrified at the recital and that was the end of my dancing career. Plus I am not coordinated in the least bit so it was probably a good thing I bowed out early.

I got Loren hooked on this show after telling him that Benji was a recently returned missionary. At first he kept saying, “I wonder what his old companions are thinking.” Now, he is a fan of Benji’s though he would never admit it to anyone. He likes this show just as much as I do and thinks he is an expert on the difference between contemporary and pop dancing. (He doesn’t read my blog so I can say whatever I want)

The show goes on tour and will be in Phoenix on a Sunday. I want to go see it very badly. Since there are LDS dancers in it (four of them) can I go see it to support them? Please???

If Benji doesn’t win, I will be sad. If he doesn’t win, it better be Heidi.

Here is a great article written about Benji and Heidi.


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Kari said...

Thanks for sharing that article ... it was a really good one! I enjoyed it muchly :)