Saturday, December 03, 2005

Things I have learned lately...

  • You could turn into Yoda if you eat green beans.

  • You are supposed to say “li-brary” not “li-bary.”

  • 8-year old cub scouts can actually be sweet and kind.

  • The new “Pride and Prejudice” movie is amazing and so worth watching.

  • Making your 7-year-old clean their room is the absolute worst thing you could do to them.
  • Staying up late watching reruns of “CSI” and “What Not to Wear” can be addicting.

  • Participating in decorating the tree and the rest of the house is so very important to 5 and 7-year-olds.

  • Being able to wear a jacket or coat in Arizona is so exciting for 3-year-olds, especially if it has a hood.

  • Having to give a talk in church, prepare a primary lesson, AND prepare a sharing time for the same Sunday can be exhausting, especially when it is your husband who is doing this who is a perfectionist and takes days to complete.

  • Housework doesn’t matter as much as reading to your kids.

  • Hearing your kindergartner read his first book by himself is a moment you will never forget.

  • Knowing Santa’s phone number is advantageous to a parent this time of year.

  • As many times as I put the books back on the bookshelf, Jayne is always right behind me to pull them all back out. BUT...she leaves them alone when they are on the floor.

  • Having a baby-sitter all lined up and knowing you get to go out with your husband…need to do this more often.

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Anonymous said...

You've learned a lot lately!! I must second the lesson on learning Santa's phone number this time of year - the threat of that phone call works wonders every time ;)