Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Grand Canyon, part 3

Don't forget you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Ethan below the Rim.

Ethan worn out after the hike below the Rim.

Dirty Face Needs a Haircut Abram

Abram taking pics with my Blackberry.

Loren holding on to Abram and Gabe. Apparently a better parent than I.

Look Bedie! I have a picture of the same tree! Such a cute tree.

Jayne and Brynlie enjoying their PB&Js.

Got H2O?

The perfect princess throne.

Look how old my Gabe looks??? Wow. He's 11 now.


laurak said...

How far down did you hike? How many days did you stay. It looks like a fun trip!

Tiffany said...

You're such a great photographer!! The 'got h2o' photo could totally be used as an advertisement photo! It's awesome! It was so great to see you today! You look great! love ya!

Bedie said...

Oh I want to go back!!!! I love the picture of our girls, they are so cute.