Monday, December 22, 2008

12/13/08 PAD- one week and two days late

This Saturday started off with Abram going to a birthday party for his good friend Josh. He was so nice and let Jayne come with him. Rather, I brought her with us, so he had to be nice.

After the party, we headed to a different park where I was scheduled for my first family photo shoot for three different families. They know I am not anywhere close to being a pro, but they talked me into it.
Before they got there, I tried to get some good shots of my kids.

Note to self: Make sure Abram's next pair of glasses have anti-glare lenses.

Here are some nice action shots for ya.

(I have no idea what that is on Gabe's shirt. Do I wanna know?)

Do ya think Ethan needs a haircut?

All of my kids are climbers. Even this one.

One of Jayne's favorite places to a swing.


Jason said...

You are a PROFESSIONAL, Youve got skills! THANK YOU!!! -Love ya, Kim

Laurie said...

Wow! Look at you, little professional photog. That is so cool. How did the pics turn out? I want to see some.