Saturday, October 18, 2008


...that my kids think MY bedroom is a room that they can drag their crap into (i.e. books, toys, clothes, etc.) and then freak out when I ask them to take care of it????

...that my husband can talk me into letting him and Gabe stay longer at the boy scout campout today even though I have an enrichment activity that I have to go to as I am the enrichment counselor and now have to find a babysitter for the other three???

...that my kids think they can get away with throwing all their stuff in their closet or under their beds and think their rooms are clean?

...that Gabe can tell Loren a spooky story about clowns that now makes Loren freaked out to take the trash out at night?

...that so many people are freaked out by clowns anyway?

...that when I have three hours to myself because of hubby and one son camping and the other three kids at a primary program practice, I find such joy in visiting the newest Super Target?

...that someone hasn't invented a self-cleaning floor? They have self-cleaning ovens and self-cleaning pool systems, and auto-defrosting freezers. Why not self-cleaning tile or self-cleaning carpet? Better yet, self-cleaning TOILETS!!! Wait. Is that why I had kids?

...that you get a sore thumb just from having a new Blackberry with lots of fun applications and games?

...that when I get ready in the morning, my daughter asks what store we are going to today?

...that every time my husband walks into our kitchen/family room area he wants to knock down walls, move windows, and rearrange furniture?

...that I can read 10 ebooks in one week but can't keep up with my laundry?

...that the library only lets you check out 10 ebooks at a time but won't let you return them early so you have to wait two weeks before you can check out 10 more??

...that Abram tells Jayne a story about a plane, an old lady, and an alien, and that keeps them in stitches for hours?

...that I can't remember the size of two jars when going to Ikea that would prevent me from having to drive two 70 miles round trip in one day?

...that my kids can remember EVERY name/character of Pokemon, but can't remember how to spell their spelling words for the week?

...that I can't pass the drive-through liquor store near my kid's school without getting a 32 oz. Pepsi for only 75 cents in a Styrofoam cup that keeps it nice and cold?

...that I don't have more time in the day to update my blog?

...that I don't have more time in the day to read other blogs?

...that I can't stay in my PJs anymore as I have to get ready for the above mentioned enrichment activity for which I have no babysitters for my kids?

...that I can't just leave them home alone? I could just turn on the Wii and they wouldn't even notice I'm gone.

...that my kids wouldn't even notice that I was gone for three hours while playing the Wii??

...that Jayne can kick all our fannies when playing Wii bowling?

...that I could go on and on with this post?


Laurie said...

Yeah right, you are just getting a Pepsi from the liquor store. Are you sure there isn't some rum in there? You got a new Super Target?? Lucky you! And, I have to say, I am still so jealous that you have an Ikea, even if it is 70 miles away. Oh, and I miss you! Where have you been? Where have I been? *sigh* Hope I get to catch up with you soon. Love you!

Angi said...

Cute post! I feel you on the styro cup issue. I hit the sonic drive-thru every darn day between 2-4 (happy hour, 1/2 price) for a Diet DP with pellet ice. Loren and the clown story still has me smiling.

Debi Putnam said...

... and why is it that you live on the other side of the country from me!!!!

Loved the post. I'm so with you on the self-cleaning house. I will be the first in line to buy it.

Miss you terribly!!!

Bedie said...

Tori you are so funny:) Just keep hitting the liquor store all you want and remember me sitting at the school waiting for you and the surprise in the styro cup:) I do have agree with you on the spelling test, my kids can memorize all kinds of things but can't remember their spelling words and sometime how to spell their own names!!! heaven help us all.

RedefinedPossibilities said...

Just because.

Cameron Family said...

I LOVE that list. So glad so many others feel the same way I do about so many mom issues!

PS Does that liquor store have Diet Dr. Pepper in their special styrofoam cups??? :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Tori, love to check out your blogsite...tell Loren he can come rearrange furniture and move walls and windows at my place anytime!! liz

Janelle said...

Hi Tori! I am creeping over here from your Facebook page. Isn't blogging and FB a great way to waste time?

Your blog looks so fun and your kids are GORGEOUS!!

Well, I look forward to catching up with you...we have 3 years until the big 20.

Rachele Funk said...

why is that I can totally relate with everything you wrote and could add at least 100 more?

Glad Loren came home!

Kari said...

I'm totally on the same page as Rachele ... I can SO relate to this!!!