Friday, September 19, 2008

This evening Jayne and I were talking about Debbie's funeral, how pretty she looked,
and how pretty all the flowers were that surrounded her.
"Today was a flower party for Debbie," Jayne said.
Yes, it was, my sweet daughter. Yes, it was.
You always said you were my wealthy friend,
but I am wealthy for having had known you.

I miss you already.


Beckaroo said...

That was a sweet tribute.
When I left the funeral yesterday I went home wanting to be a better person.
We'll all miss her for sure!!

Tiffany said...

Debbie was a neat, neat person!! My thoughts were with all of you that were at the funeral. I wasn't real close to her or anything but I loved working with her in primary years ago and boy did those primary kids love her!!! She always went the extra mile for them!I have thought about you a lot b/c I know you two were close. love ya!

Lois Michael said...

I agree this is a very sweet tribute. I love Jayne's analogy. Brandy thought the world of her so I am sure she was a wonderful person who graces many lifes & made them better.

Kari said...

I'm with Beckie ... I left wanting to send someone a note, decorate for a holiday, and tidy up my house - including the laundry room! Thanks for letting me go the party with you ;)

Cameron Family said...

Very sweet tribute to Debbie. She will definitely be missed by so many. Jayne is such a doll! What a cute comment from her. Feel better soon :)