Sunday, August 24, 2008

favorite AND great

This is what happens when your older cousin comes to visit and you bring him a roll of duct tape. Don't worry...Abram quickly worked himself out of this, and he loved the attention!

This is Tadleigh, my great niece. Yep, I have a great niece. That means I am a great aunt! I am a favorite aunt and a great aunt. ;)


Beckaroo said...

It sure looks like the kids had fun.
GREAT pic of Tadleigh!

Kari said...

Hilarious!!! That Tadleigh is adorable ... bet it was fun to have her visit :)

Laurie said...

At least that wasn't you all tied up with duct tape!

Angi said...

Hey Tori! I found your blog in a round-about way! I have loved seeing picture of your sweet little ones, and what a treat to get a little peak at Ted and his little family too! I hope you are all happy and healthy. Give my love to all your family!