Thursday, September 13, 2007

Know what I am sick of?

This is what I am sick of:

Seven-Day Forecast

THU 108°F 42°C 80°F 26°C
FRI 107°F 41°C 81°F 27°C
SAT 106°F 41°C 81°F 27°C
SUN 104°F 40°C 80°F 26°C
MON 101°F 38°C 77°F 25°C
TUE 104°F 40°C 76°F 24°C
WED 105°F 40°C 75°F 23°C

This is the time of year that I really don't enjoy living in the Valley of the Sun. I am waiting for it to be below 100 degrees, then below 90, then hover in the beautiful 80's. I am ready for it cool off in the evenings so we don't sit in sweat at soccer and baseball practices. I am ready for the wonderful weather that makes us say, "THIS is why we live in Arizona!" I am ready for us to have record breaking nice 80 degree weather instead of record breaking 110+ weather.


Unfortunately the "normal" temp is above 100 until Sept. 21 and doesn't go below 90 until Oct. 20. Our kids sweat like crazy in their Halloween costumes.

BTW-Loralee...I know you are there comment! ;)


Alli Fantastico said...

blegh! I hate the heat! It was over 100 for us all last week, and the 2 months previous to that, but nothing like Phoenix! It's getting nice here, and the nights cool off perfectly. I love our winters too...mmmhmm!

Anonymous said...

It is times like the entire summer that I am so glad we moved out of Phoenix. Now that we are out I am never moving back! I am sorry that it has to be so blasted hot there! Soon it will be freezing here and perfect there, if that is any comfort to you...

Anonymous said...

You were at another baseball practice too...huh? I feel your pain or should I say heat?


Ann C. said...

my condolences for your heat pain.

Kari said...

I love the heat so much that I never want it to cool down ... just so I'll know you're miserable! mmwwwaahhh, mmwwaaaahhhh (that's evil laughter)

Dave, Loralee, Emma, & Bree said...

yes-I'M A STALKER!! It only took me ALL NIGHT to figure out how to make a cute header like yours :)Dave got really jealous of all your lists and links, so he's now obsessed with figuring that out too. Don't worry...soon we'll be better at this than you! HA-JUST KIDDING:)

Beckie said...

This is finally our cool down week. Go outside! It's nice! Really! I almost feel like going for a run. Almost!
I'll start tomorrow. Again.

Alli Fantastico said...

You know what I'm sick of? You not blogging.