Monday, August 27, 2007

Week Two: Up & Running


Loves jets
Doesn't like loud jet noises
Loves them flying far away
Doesn't like them too close
Loves to watch them
But only from Inside the car
Loves the Blue Angels
Wants to ride in one

It is the beginning of week two for my class, so you have to suffer through three more weeks of layouts. I can't tell you how much fun it is to actually take a class again. It has been years! One of the best parts is the forum and getting to know other people from all over the world. My wish list is growing as far as computer and photography paraphernalia go! I am going to be saving lots of pennies. If you have any loose change, you can send it my way. ;) (No...seriously. I could really use it. Anything. Whatever you find in your car, under your couch cushions, where ever. I need an external hard drive, one for home, and one that is portable to take along wtih the laptop I need for when I go digiscrapping at the local Paradise Bakery with my cohorts. And then there is the digital SLR camera with it's many beautiful lens to take pictures of us while digiscrapping. Seriously.)


Alli Fantastico said...

If you move here, or we move there, we can use my SLR and your laptop for much digiscrappin good times, how's that?

Tori said...

okay, good trade. wait. gotta get a laptop first.

Kari said...

You DO have a birthday coming up ... guess I could give you some change for that ;)

brittany said...

I'm loving your layouts! you're doing a beautiful job, cutie.

sorry. all my spare change is taken...


Tippidy said...

I am going to shove my mom's bum in the car and we're coming down there in 1 month or less. Do you have room for us or should we get a hotel?!

Beckie said...

You don't want the loose change we find in our couches. There is usually something gummy stuck to it. No has been daring enough to discover what it is yet.
Thanks for figuring out the digiscrapping for me. I'll sit down with you when you've got it all figured out!