Monday, August 20, 2007

Brotherly Love

Here it is! My first completed page from the Up & Running with Photoshop class that started today! I have learned tons already!

Journaling reads:

Three brothers: Gabe, Ethan, and Abram. You three have so much fun together! You play baseball and soccer in the backyard and basketball on the trampoline. You love playing Pokemon, riding your scooters and bikes in the cul-de-sac, building forts with blankets and chairs, watching “Hannah Montana” and other movies, and building with Legos. It is such fun to watch you enjoy each other’s company. I hope you will always have this much fun together...and this much love for each other.


Brandy said...

LOVE IT!!! Okay I will start working on mine today!!! It looks Great! What a good student you are!

Kari said...

I said it on the message board and I'll say it again ... L*O*V*E it!!

Alli Fantastico said...

so cute! I ♥ it so!!!