Friday, June 15, 2007

Coolest thing ever for the cracked feet!

I have the coolest thing ever in my possession. It is called a Heel Smoother Pro and it is amazing. First let me tell you, I live in the desert. I live in flip flops or sandals pretty much year round. I have really bad, dry, cracked heels. Last summer I purchased a Heel Smoother Pro at Wal-Mart, and I just have to is the coolest thing ever. Since I cannot have pedicures every week like I would like to (more like one every six to eight), this little gadget works like a charm. Here is what the product web site says:

"This revolutionary pedicure appliance smoothes callouses and removes dry skin on heels and toes in seconds, without the use of harsh chemicals or dangerous blades. Perfect for today’s fashion of sandals and open heeled shoes."

They are not lying! This thing is the best! It has crystal tips that spin really fast and pretty much sands your feet. The skin dust goes flyin'! Awesome! (sorry if that sounds gross)
Oh, and in case you were wondering, "the Heel Smoother is officially approved by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association.)" I should get paid for this post, huh?



brittany said...

oh, man, I gotta look for this. this sounds like the perfect thing for my horrible rediculousness!


Alli Fantastico said...

I need this, I only wear flip flops and bare feet, but you know this already. My feet look like the dry lake beds that dot the Nevada/Arizona/Utah desert and it's not cute when I crawl into bed with my husband and my heels catch on the sheets. Not so sexy at all. I must purchase this device. How many dollars is it?

Eliza said...

I am already in the car. I need it so bad. I had nasty feet when I applies this tanner my cousin got for me. It only stayed on the dry skin parts of my feet and they looked dirty. NASTAY! Thanks for the help.

Tori said...

It was $20-25. I can't remember exactly. I bought it last year.