Monday, April 09, 2007

I have a lot of...

...catching up to do.


We moved in the last of the boxes from the garage (although not all of them have been unpacked yet, having them inside the house is huge).

My baby girl turned 3!! How did that happen??? She even looks and acts bigger and older lately. She loves Dora and Boots (notice the paper plates she picked out for her birthday).

My baby boy turned 5!!! This I truly can't believe. He is a mama's boy. Oh, how I will miss him when he is in kindergarten all day...except for the days when he chooses to be "naughty Abram." Those days his teachers can have him. This is his "dirt bike" bike. He can ride without the training wheels, just hadn't taken them off yet in this picture.

Then of course there is Easter. This is after we came home from church. I barely got this picture taken before they had changed their clothes and attacked the candy in their Easter baskets.

So, that is it for now. I am all caught up.

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Anonymous said...


It is wonderful to see pictures of your new home and, more importantly, your family. Gab, Ethan, Abrahm, and Jayne are so adorable. I'm glad you are so diligent at blogging. I love your new home (It's so huge!) and can't wait to come and visit. Well, don't wear yourself out trying to paint the walls all in one weekend. I loved your old home so I know you'll have Santan painted and looking beautiful in no time!

Wish I could come and help!
Deborah Ann