Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Miracle via UPS

The UPS man delivered a miracle package to our home. It was sent to us from Fredonia, AZ, from a company called "Accountable Kids." Course I had ordered it on-line, so I guess that isn't much of a miracle, however, what it has done for our family is a miracle.

Below is a picture of a program for kids ages 3-14 called "Accountable Kids." You can read more about it on
www.accountablekids.com but I am here to tell you that it truly works! Each one of my four kids ages 3-8 has changed for the better from this program...and in only three weeks! I am not yelling as much! My kids aren't whining, crying, and fighting as much! They are helping me around the house! Chores are getting done! More exclamation points!!!

It isn't cheap, but soooo worth the money.

Gabe says, "Mom, now I know what to do when I am bored. I just go look at my board!" This is from a boy who was bored easily and whined and complained when asked to help around the house.

Ethan in the morning, "Mom! It is 7:10 and all I have left to do is take my vitamins and brush my teeth!" This from a boy who I had to drag out of bed every morning and remind him every step of the way of how to get ready for school like he had never done it before.

Abram, "I want a ticket! I will be nice and quiet in the car and stay in my seatbelt." This is from a boy who was a nightmare to take in the car.

Jayne, "I am winning you," to her brothers as she is making her bed in the morning. This is from a girl who will only be three years old on Sunday and can make her own bed!!!

There are so many other reasons why I love this program, but I just can't write them all down. Maybe in a series of posts I will share our experiences.




Alli Fantastico said...

in true Alli/Tori style, I just went and bought it too. I miss buying double everything with you!

Kara said...

Seriously? I need this...