Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

Ok, so I am not much of a writer, however, I have been reading many of your Sunday Scribblings for quite some time now and thought I may as well have a go at it...

As for googling, I just googled for the Arizona registrar of contractors home site. We have a company coming to trim our trees and shrubs, and I was curious to see if they have a license. After talking with my brother who is a landscape architect, I am concerned about them having a license in the state as they would be paying workman's comp and also to see if they were fully insured. I had never thought about them falling out of my tree while trimming it, but if they don't have a proper license and insurance then I could be liable and have to pay from my homeowner's insurance. Many of you are probably aware of this, but I just hadn't thought much about it until now.

I couldn't find them on the web site.

More googling here.

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brittany said...

oh, horray! here's to Sunday Scribbling!