Monday, September 25, 2006

Here Kitty Kitty

Loren and I are talking about getting a kitten for our family. Our kids so want a pet and would prefer a dog, but we are thinking about a cat for several reasons: Jayne is sooo afraid of animals. Well, let me rephrase that. She loves animals as long as she knows they can't get to her. If she thinks they can get to her, her little body starts shaking and her heart starts racing. I really think she has a little anxiety attack. Anyway, we think a kitten would be an easier way for her to face that fear. Another reason, and I am a little reluctant to admit it, but we have a little "friend" in our house that I am finding remnants of. We have tried to get rid of it with our pest control service to no avail. Maybe a cat would have better luck. I have never wanted a pet in my house and especially a cat, but I would rather have a cat than a mouse ANYDAY!!! Besides, they are really cute when they are tiny (kittens, not mice!).

Oh, and our kids know nothing about this so shhhh. We are going to surprise them. I am hoping for a little black one, just in time for Halloween, and name him Smokey Johnson. I will probably get voted out on the name.

Below is a picture of one we are thinking about getting. He is from a home near us and is only $1. I guess he loves kids, thinks he is a dog, and is litter box trained!

Should we get one?

cat 2
cat 1


Anonymous said...

I'm ALL for it! I can't be the only one that has all the fun taking care a pet! A black cat? Do you think this wise (ie...ER room visits, stitches...)? Just kidding! We never got a kitty because I know it wouldn't survive in this crazy house. That's why we got a sturdy dog lovingly named Cricket-hee!


brittany said...

yes, yes, yes! We just brought 2 home yesterday, and it is the funnest, cutest thing!! The kids have been entertained non-stop. In a month or two I will put them outside and let them sleep in the barn. I'm not even an "animal person" but I'm looooving them!

Abby was scared of them at first, but she is warming up.

Kara said...

Cats basically take care of themselves. You can't go wrong with them as pets. I say do it!