Wednesday, August 30, 2006

12th on the 12th

So, you may be wondering who these fine looking people are. Is this one of those pictures that come with a new frame? Nope, it is just us, Loren & Tori, 12 whole years ago.

We had our 12th anniversary this month on the 12th. Quite significant I thought, 12th on the 12th, just like when I turned 30 on the 30th. I went to go buy him 12 of his favorite donuts from Krispy Kreme only to find that they had closed the previous Wednesday! (What the???) I bought us 12 inch sandwiches from Gandalfos for lunch, his favorite sandwich shop ever. He gave me a beautiful calandar with 12 months and we shared a box of 12 chocolates from Sees Candy. We also had a great dinner out, but those where some of the cheesy things we did to celebrate this happy day. Just wish we still looked like the above...well me anyway...Loren is still hot. ;)


brittany said...

You're hot too, don't you know that? You are.

I really like Loren's hair like that.

Congrats, hot couple of the year. 12 years is big!

Alli said...

I remember when I first saw this picture AND what your apartment smelled like when I was gazing at it. You're still hot, and always were. I miss you guys.