Monday, July 03, 2006

Kid Quotes

Some things my kids have said that I have to write down or I will forget…some funny, some I just want to remember:

“I left my first message on the phone!”

“I can now do a front half-twist dive and a back half-twist dive.”
“Did he bring the 4-wheeler?” (anytime he hears Grandpa Finch is going to be around.)

“I think Grandma is going to be really lonely. I think she is going to have to come live with us.” (At Grandpa Hearne’s funeral)

“Can’t we just live at Uncle Glen’s house?”
“Can’t dad build us a house by Uncle Glen’s house?”

“What the…?”  

“Where does … live?”  (the thitty (city), Target, grandma, the church, etc.)
“Do we have to go on the freeway?”
“Mom, I want to tell you a secret…I love you.”

“Sometimes my bum toots.”
“Oops, my bum burped.”

“Schwimming! Schwimming! Go! Go!”
“Roun Roun” (round round without the “d” sound) When she wants to watch the primary action song DVD and hear the “Wheels On the Bus” song or “Do as I am doing.” She says this while doing the motions.

“Heado.” When she is pretending to talk on the phone.  (saying hello, of course).

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Alli said...

Too precious. I miss those 'lil monkeys. We've been swimming and bbqing up here with Liza's kids and its been crazy! The only way to make it better would to have yours here too. No St. George this year...3 pregnant sisters. You should come.