Monday, July 24, 2006

First Place

This week's picture on the right is of Gabe taken on 07/21/06 at the Arizona Kid's Diving Finals (on our side of the valley, that is). He took first place in the 7-8 year old boys! He was so excited! He had just gotten his first ever first place only the week before, and then won the finals! His dives were the front tuck dive, front dive half twist, inward, and front somersault dive. While we were at this meet, it was a record breaking day for temperatures. We reached 120 degrees at our house with 118 degrees at the Phoenix airport. Good thing we were able to jump in and cool off while watching the divers! (Don't you love the speedos and jammers on these little guys?)

Gabe 1st in Diving Finals


Kari said...

Super cute picture!! Still loving the new look of your blog. I need to to come make mine pretty so I'll actually want to write ;) With 2 kids in school this year I might just find a few minutes to do that!

brittany said...

That is sooo great! you must be proud, mama. That's a framer. I'm very impressed with the dives he can do. I can't do any of them...and I'm 30.

Alli said...

So so cute! I need to see this, I think I'd die laughing though, I remember holding that kid every day for the first 4 years of his lil life...who woulda thunk he'd be an olympian at age 8?


Kari said...

Hasn't it been more than a week since your last post? Surely you have a new picture and fun stuff to post - didn't you spend time in California and camping lately? Just checking ;)