Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Johnson Family Insights

Seen on Gabe's chalkboard in his room, "I rock."

After watching "Chicken Little" numerous times, Ethan's new daily motto is "Today is a new day." He now says this to me everyday and before every soccer game.

While in the grocery store, Abram sees a Honeydew melon. "Mom! It's a naked watermelon!"

Jayne says, "Mom! Uh, ah, oh, ee, ah, ei." All with hand movements.


Alli said...
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Alli said...

Stuff from around my family:

Tiffany: If I save up enough money, can I buy myself a car?

My reply: Yes, in the next two years, if you save up enough money, you can buy yourself a car. Too bad you've been saving up for the last 18 months to buy a $40 pair of Sketchers. Good luck to ya.

On Mackenzie's binder: pictures of Johnny Depp, lyrics to Green Day songs, pictures of cute boy she likes at school with heart drawn around his head...picture of Christ in the red robe...go figure.

From Jonah this morning: blueberry crumpets and left over chicken cordon bleu on a plate with Crystal Light in glasses...breakfast in bed for Mike and I.

Casey's new obsession: Drawing aliens (really good ones) on everything he sees. My house has been renamed Area 51 version 2.0.

Latest fight commonly heard around the house?


How quickly they've forgotten...I'm totally going to take advantage of this. They want him, they can HAVE him.

brittany said...

I just realized that I never commented on this, and it made me laugh so hard! Kids are hilarious. Good job for writing them down. (and sharing them with us!)