Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WW teacher from Hell

OK, I went. I rejoined WW. I almost left when I saw who was working there. I have never felt this way towards a human being in my life. I truly dislike this woman. Here’s the story…

This time last year, I joined WW (again). I had been doing so well and was on my fifth week of going. I can’t remember what I had lost so far…somewhere around 10 pounds. I was very motivated and excited about what I had accomplished so far. I had been attending meetings in the evening so that I could attend without my kids. However, on this particular night I had decided to take Jayne with me. Why, I can’t remember. I weighed in and the ladies who were taking money and weighing talked and played with Jayne. Not once did they say that this was not a meeting to bring your kids. During the meeting Jayne was good. No crying, no fussing. She did, however, baby talk a little to the people around her who were smiling and waving at her (she was nine months old at this time).

Now picture the teacher…an older lady who lived in an “adult community” who talked a lot about her husband and never about any children or grandchildren so you know she probably doesn’t have any kids and is never around them.

After the meeting, I stood up to leave and was holding Jayne. The teacher took a beeline to my seat and in front of a lot of people said, “If she is going to be that noisy, you are not going to be able to bring her any here anymore.” She said this in a very rude and matter of fact way with her eyebrows raised and looking down at me. I was stunned to say the least. Never had I encountered anyone who said anything like that about a child of mine, to my face anyway. I walked out of there saying to myself that she didn’t have to worry about me bringing Jayne there any more because I was never coming back. I was very upset and hurt and mad.

I went home and immediately sent an e-mail to the WW headquarters explaining the situation along with giving the date, time, meeting place, and teacher’s name. I received phone calls from the top lady of WW in Phoenix for the next few weeks and played phone tag but never did get to talk with her.

I then started attending a meeting that was specifically for those with children. After attending that one for awhile and not being able to hear what the teacher was saying because kids were running wild, and after having been exposed to this one particular lady's breasts on a number of occasions while she was breastfeeding (she apparently had never heard of a blanket), I decided to end my WW career. Plus it was summertime, the kids were out of school, and it was too hard to take them.

So what is the point of this story? When I walked in last Saturday morning, there she was, sitting at the table weighing people in. It was all I could do to not turn around and walk out. But…I took a deep breath and went ahead and signed in. Luckily, I found out that she was just helping weigh in that morning and wasn’t the regular teacher. Whew…I passed that test.

But…I still do not like that woman and hope that I never see her again. Her name is Cindy and she has ugly spiky hair and wears stir-up pants with heels. She is ugly. And I need to repent.


brittany said...

you are hilarious. I hate rudeness. That's how I react too. I can't stand the old folks who aren't tolerant of women with small children. Give me a break. It is a fact of life or else we would be extinct. Good job for going anyway even though rude spiky lady was there.


Are you feeling better than you were before you started WW again??

Alli said...

Stirrup pants with heels is this years "black turtleneck"...didn't you know?

Keep with it, that lady is just a bitter person who needs to feel important. You're so much better than that. When her meetings are over, she has no kids/grandkids/children to go home to. I feel sorry for her...(for .235 seconds, then I want to punch her face off)

I should repent too. You rock sista. Keep it up.