Saturday, August 06, 2005

Curly Jayne

Little Jayne has curly hair. It is long and curly. It bounces when she walks. It forms ringlets when wet. It is just too cute. She can wear pony-tails, barretts, bows, headbands, you name it, she can handle it. She will even sit kinda still in the bathroom sink and let me fix it...for a few minutes anyway. She loves to sit on her daddy's lap and let him brush it (which he loves too), but she doesn't like when the air conditioning in the car blows her hair in her face. At 16 months old she has the most beautiful hair on a baby ever seen (that is what I say anyway). The amazing thing is no one in her family has curly hair...except for her great-grandpa Ted. She got this great gene from him. Lucky girl! Oh course, we are wondering if the curls will stay when she gets her hair cut (which we don't plan on doing anytime soon) or if she will hate it when she is older. She may not have them forever or hate them when older, but for now we are so enjoying them! If you have any cute ideas on fixing it...please comment. I could use all the ideas I can get.

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brittany said...

it's like my abby's hair. Isn't it strange that your little girl's hair could bring you such pleasure? every time I see those little bounces when she walks, I get this little flutter of love and adoration. She doesn't even have to do anything. just walk away from me and show me the bounce. it makes me happy.